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“The Prosperous TamilNadu is the wealthy Nation”

The above mentioned title is the motto of the Chairman GK.Moopanar. On behalf of his desire, and in order to fulfill his longing, Trichy Municipal Congress Seva Dal leader Trichy EX.N. Ravi headed this website for free of cost.

On 19. 12. 2010, The Special 83rd Conference of Congress held at Delhi. The closing ceremony of the transcript of a speech by RahulGandhi has been translated here:  
Connecting the people with opportunities is our political duty and importance. Similarly, the structure of our technical infrastructure has to be connected with the people and the remote cities and villages have to be necessarily connected to the world.

We cannot bring the nation as a healthy nation unless the people give importance to a man by asking ‘What he knows’ instead of ‘A man knows whom?’. We can build a strong country by making his progress on the basis of promising destination system.

This is the prior challenge for our generation!
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